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Articles in Refered Jounals

  •  Reason and Globalization In Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change Series VII, Volume 25. General Editor George F. McLean. Washington D.C. 2004 
  • Politics of Ethnicity: A Subjective Approach to Conflict in Kenya In African Conflicts: Management, Resolution and Post-Conflict Recovery and Development. OSSREA Journal. Editor: Prof. Paul Tiyambe Zeleza. 2006
  • Culture Mutation: Identity Value at a Crossroad In Culture, Persons and Society. A Journal of the International Society for Metaphysics Vol. II. RVP Editors: George Mclean, Hugo Maynell, Raul Molina, Tomothy Ready. 2008
  • Globalization: Logical Annihilation or Economic Neo-Colonialism In Global Trends. A Philosophical Journal of Contemporary Issue. Editors. Carlos Gonzalez, Steve McDoff & Pattel Clouden. 2012

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