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Prof. Tom  Destiny  Namwambah

Critical Thinker
Decision Analyst

IBC Fellow & Consultant in Education, Strategic Planning,
Decision Making, Conflict Management.

Professor of Critical Thinking and Decision Making - Kenyatta University

official photo of Prof Namwambah

Prof. Tom Destiny Namwambah

IBC Fellow & Consultant in Education, Strategic Planning,
Decision Making, Conflict Management.

Professor of Critical Thinking and Decision Making - Kenyatta University



Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Catholic University of America Washington DC


PhD (Philosophy and Educational Sciences) with bias to Critical Thinking and Decision Making - University of Madrid (Complutense), Spain.


Master of Arts (Diplomacy and International Relations)-Kenyatta University


Master of Arts (Philosophy) - Kenyatta University Kenya 


Bachelor of Education (Arts) - Kenyatta University Kenya


Certificate (Spanish Language) - La Escuela Oficiale de Idiomas, Madrid


Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education. (K.A.C.E) – Agoro Sare High School 


Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. (K.C.E) - New Kisumu High School 


Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) - Port Victoria Primary School Kenya.


  1. Philosophy  Consult  now!
  2. Critical and Creative Thinking -  Consult  now!
  3. Decision Making and Strategic Planning -Consult  now! 
  4.  Diplomacy and International Relations -   Consult  now
  5. Public Administration   Consult now
  6. Research Design, Management and Implementation Consult now 
  7. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution  Consult now
  8. Policy Development and Implementation  Consult now

Proffesional Qualifications

• B.Ed (Education)

• M.A (Philosophy)

M.A(Diplomacy and International Relations)

• Higher Certificate – (Spanish Language)

• PhD (Critical Thinking & Decision Making)

• Postdoctoral Studies (Globalisation, Leadership and Conflict Management)


 • Chief Executive Officer - Hand of Hope Charitable Organisation,

Director – Kenyatta University-Directorate of Alumni & Outreach programs,

Senior Lecturer – Kenyatta University

CEO/Lead Consultant : Focus Management Consultancies (FMC)

Distinguished Member – Research Board of Advisors – American Biographic Institute - ABI

Chairman –KUNSA

Co-Chair – LitPost Team of Scholars - Spain

Principal Coordinator – IEBC TOT Voter Education- Nyanza and Western Region

External Examiner (Post Graduates) – University of Nairobi, Department of Philosophy. 2014- Present.

Chairperson – School of Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum Board.


• Self-motivating

• High level professionalism

• Team work

• High moral standing and uprightness

• Innovativeness and creative prowess


honorary appointment to THE RESEARCH BOARD OF ADVISORS

The American Biographical Institute

Chosen for distinguished standing hence conferred with an honorary appointment to THE RESEARCH BOARD OF ADVISORS



Dr Tom Namwambah
Philosopher, philanthropist and researcher

Award winning philosopher, Dr Tom Namwambah, becomes the only scholar from Africa to sit on an 11-member research team that seeks to restore the continent’s lost cultural identity, writes Wellington Nyongesa.
Africa has always been accused of losing its identity and taking on what is foreign.
However, a team of experts is now working at changing and giving the continent a face.

Dr Tom Namwambah
Kenyatta University lecturer, Dr Tom Namwambah, becomes the only scholar from Africa to sit on the 11-member research team (LITPOST) that is looking at the loss of cultural values by Africans.
The team, made up of researchers of international repute from universities in France, Spain, Sweden and Germany, is led by Prof Felicity Hand of the University of Barcelona in Spain.
Their work is being funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. They are tasked to research on five Francophone and five Anglophone countries within three years.
"Whether politically, economically or even socially, Africa has no standing. All our ways are the ways of Europe. We want to give faceless Africa a face," Namwambah says.
He adds: "Africans are alienated from themselves where their language, religion, food and music are all things from the past." 

Top Kenyan scholar a sage


Publication Date: 1/22/2006

Talk of a philosopher and what immediately comes to mind is some eccentric character who takes an out-of-this-world pleasure in matters of wisdom and abstract ideas. Dr Tom Namwambah, a young Kenyan university lecturer, even in his favourite portrait  a priest-like attire and a well-trimmed beard  on his published works does not quite strike you as the traditional sage.
On the day of the interview, we found Namwambah in his office at Kenyatta University, dressed in a flowing purple West African Agbada, complete with a cap, which gave him the look of anything between a politician and a village elder. But it was not long before his thoughts gave him away.
Asked about his preferred priestly image, his answer was typically philosophical: "I believe in God but I'm not notoriously religious."
At just 43, Namwambah was recently recognised by the International Biographical
Centre (IBC), based in Cambridge, England, as being among the leading philosophers of the world.
The organisation honours individuals who have made significant contributions in their professional fields. In his letter to Namwamba, Nicholas S. Law, the director-general of IBC, said: "You are one of these contributors to excellence. You have, through your constant efforts, maintained a standard worth rewarding.
Therefore, as a noted and eminent professional in the field of philosophy you have now been considered and nominated for recognition by the IBC."


1. Budalangi Constituency 5 year Strategic Plan – 2008

2. Eldoret North Constituency 10 Year Strategic Plan – 2009

3. Konoin Constituency Bomet County 10 Year Strategic Plan – 2012

4. IIEC Voter Education Curriculum (2011

5. IEBC Voter Education Manual – 2012

6. Kamukunji Constituency 5 Year Strategic Plan – 2012

7. South Sudan Local Government Administrative Officers(LGAO) Induction Training Modules – 11 Module Units (2012)

8. Bungoma County Strategic Plan – 2014

9. Nambale Constituency Strategic Plan – 2014

10. Mumias east Strategic Plan – 2015

11. Galole Constituency Strategic Plan – 2015

12. Budalangi Constituency Strategic Plan – 2015

13. Hon. Said Abdullahi Mohammed, Presidential Candidate Federal Republic of Somalia Policy document - 2016


1. Establishment Of Kenya Transporters Association Training Institute: Development of Programmes for the Training of Transport Operators: A collaborative Initiative between KIE and Kenya Transporters Association (KTA).


1. Member- World Phenomenological Association (WPA)  

2. Member-International Iberic Association (IIA)

3. Member- Philosophical Association of Kenya (PAK)

4. Member- Café Philo-Washington D.C (CP-W)

5. Member- OSSREA

6. Member – LITPOST Scholars



Edward Kisiangani 2003 PhD - Non Supervisor Examiner

2 . Jacob Magero 2007 PhD - External Examiner

3. Francis Wokabi 2010 PhD - Non-Supervisor Examiner

4. Patrick W. Ndirangu 2012 PhD - Internal Supervisor

5. Mongeri O. Lukas 2014 PhD - Internal Supervisor

6. Njenga Francis Mwangi 2016 M.A - Internal Exerminer

Masters (MAs,)     

1. Michael Kariuki Wangari 2002 M.A. A Kenyan University
Teacher Education:
A Socratic Critical
Model or Sophistic
Model? (CUEA)

2. Samuel G. N. Muciri 2002 M.A. The Theory of
Education in Plato’s
Republic. (CUEA)

3. Simon B. Gomerep 2003 M.A The Moral Justification
of Abortion: A
Philosophical Justification.

4. Wenceslaus Kwindingwi 2003 M.A Reason and Sense: A
Comparative Study of
Platonic and Cartesian
Theories of Knowledge.

6. Hassan Kulundu 2004 M.A The Moral basis of Kenya’s
Legal System.

7. Mercy Muthoni Mwaniki 2006-Present Dilemma of Ethno-Politics:
A Phenomenological Approach
to the Study of Conflict Resolution
and Management Strategies
in Independent Kenya.

8. Msee Fredrick Munini 2012-Present - MA Attitudes and Social Change: A
Philosophical Response to
Contemporary Environmental
9. Ochieng Gervase Ojwang 2012- 2015 - MA A Philosophical Analysis of
Affirmative Action Policy in Kenya
10. Patrick Wachira Ndirangu 2012-Present - PhD Ethical Expositions for Medical



JANUARY 1998: Attended a two-day seminar at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain: Theme: Gender or Sex Discrimination

APRIL 1999: A seminar at the Complutense University of Madrid. Theme: Pensamiento Britanico Moderno 9 y 10.

AUGUST 1999 A Conference at Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain;
Gender and Humanitarian Assistance to the Black
Immigrants in Spain

DECEMBER 1999: Participated in a conference organised by the British Council in Madrid, Spain. Theme: International Co-operation and Elevation of Poverty in the Third World. 

Presentation of Papers

MARCH 1990: Attended a seminar at Busia Teachers Hotel of which theme was: Improving the status of the woman in the rural areas. I presented a paper entitled: Abortion and its Moral Implication.

APRIL 1991: At a seminar organised by Kenyatta university philosophical association, I presented a paper entitled: Induction and science.
JUNE 1992: At the symposium organised by the Kenya Human
Rights Commission, I presented a paper: Correlates of Gender gap in Politics: Fear of men’s femininity, male gender role conflict, and homophobia
MARCH 1993: At a conference organised by the historical society of Kenya I submitted a talk on: Theories of Causal Judgement in history.
SEPT. 1994: Attended a seminar for the Kenya Law Students Association. Talked about: Why Women Aren't Executed: Gender Bias and the Death Penalty
JUNE 1995: At the Kenya Professional women association's conference: Psycho-Cultural bases of Conflicts in Africa: A case study of Kenya’s Ethnic groups.
SEPTEMBER 1995 A workshop by the Kenya Head teachers Association: Epistemic basis of Corruption in Kenya

MARCH 1999: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid: Poverty Eradication
Through Peaceful Co-existence in North-Eastern Kenya.

SEPT 2001 Silver Spring Hotel, Nairobi, the Kenya
Head Teachers Association Workshop. Paper:
Education for sustainable development in a Globalised
JULY 2003 Conference organised by the Centre for gender
Studies, Makerere University, Uganda: Situating the
Woman: Analysis of Gender Placement in Public
Universities in Kenya.
JUNE 13TH-16TH 2004: A workshop at Western University College of Science and
Technology (WUCST) on KIPS Project and Proposed Graduate
Diploma program and the teaching of Critical and Creative
OCT. 7TH – 9TH 2004: 10TH Iberic international Conference in Burgos- Spain: Culture
and Society in the Age of Globalisation. Paper: Culture
Mutation: Identity Value at a Crossroad.
NOV. 29TH – DEC. 3. 2004. OSSREA International conference on African
Conflicts Management: Resolution, Post-conflict recovery and Development, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Presented a paper entitled: Politics of Ethnicity in Kenya: A Subjective Approach to Conflict Resolution Strategies.
MAY 17TH-19TH 2006: In an International conference on Africa,
Globalisation and Justice organised by the Centre
for Social Justice and Ethics Catholic University
(E.A) I presented a paper entitled: Globalisation:
Logical Annihilation or economic Neo-Colonialism
JUNE 13: Nakumatt Junction: Launch of Hon Raila Odinga’s Book:
ODINGA: An Enigma in Kenyan Politics. Keynote address.
MARCH 2008: Presented a paper to the Kenya School of Law
Students entitled: Ethics: A Philosophical Inquiry.
MARCH 2011: Simoti Secondary Education and Prize Giving Day: Academic
Rewards – Team working To Success

JUNE 2011: KIE: IIEC: Voter Education Stakeholders Workshop: Validation Of The Voter Education Curriculum
DECEMBER 5TH-6TH: Nuru Paradise Hotel – Nakuru: The Kenya Red Cross Regional Governace Team Workshop: Project Planning and Resources Mobilization
APRIL 12TH 2012: Garden Hotel Machakos: IEBC Voter Education Manual Induction
Workshop: Introduction to Voter Education Training Manual 

Convened/ Coordinated and Managed Conferences/ Workshops

APRIL 2000: Organized and coordinated a workshop sponsored
by European University, Madrid campus, I presented a
paper on Enhanced Decision Making in Business
Management: The Place of Critical Thinking.
NOVEMBER 2000: Convened and coordinated a seminar organised by KARIBU, PUEBLO AFRICANA; humanitarian organization that assist immigrants in Spain I presented a paper entitled: One world, One family: The plight of black people in Spain.

AUGUST 29 – SEPT. 3RD. 2002 Attended and participated in a workshop in Cleveland, Ohio USA at Cleveland State University. Theme: Philosophy and Society. Presented a paper entitled: Dynamics of Leadership and Conflict Resolution in Africa
JUNE 2009. The National Assembly Members - Dynamics of Decision Making. At the Great Rift Valley Lodge (Naivasha).
MARCH 2014. Amani Coalition Retreat – Reflections on the 2013 Elections. At Sentrim Elementaita Lodge
APRIL 2015. Amani National Congress (ANC) Retreat. ANC Policy and Manifesto for 2017. Maanzoni Lodge Mombasa Road.
NOV 2015 IEBC Retreat On Review of Voter Education Curriculum and Manual – Continental Hotel- Mombasa
FEB 2016 EISA Workshop on The Role of Women and Youth in Politics – MAANZONI Hotel Mombasa Road Athi River.
APRIL 2016 NDI Workshop On Role of Political Parties in National Reconciliation – Hill Court Hotel - Nakuru 

24TH TO 26TH OCTOBER, 2018  
download the conference paper
download the certificate of presentation

Certificate of good conduct

Certificate of good conduct for Prof. Namwambah








These are among people who expressed their views about me

Photo of Kemrates

This is the best lecturer I ever met at Kenyatta University.
He interacts with students.
He is simply the best. 

Photo of Fatma Ali

Este es el mejor profesor que he conocido en la Universidad de Kenyatta.
Él interactúa con los estudiantes.
Él es simplemente el mejor.

Photo of Victor Magubo

Lecture halls can survive without iPads and computers, but never without inspirational teachers. Thank you for being the irreplaceable teacher that you are.


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